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Why Now is Your Best Chance for Going Solar
California has some of the most expensive electricity rates in the country and electricity prices keep going up with no end in sight.

It already costs a fortune to keep the lights on today. And tomorrow, you’ll end up spending even more – guaranteed.

By installing solar panels, you can take control of these runaway expenses.

A residential solar installation allows you to generate your own clean power from free sunshine. And you save money every month – starting today and for decades to come.
Go Solar in 6 Easy Step
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After you request your Free consultation and provide a copy of your utility statement our team will:


Solar Financing Options

We provide 3 options for any budget. We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your goals


The best way to go solar is with cash. You cover the full cost of the installation upfront. But once your panels go up, you begin receiving free, clean solar electricity – for the next 25 to 40 years. This approach pays for itself many times over – with most installations breaking even in under 6 years.

Power Purchase Agreement

The easiest and simplest way to go solar is with a power purchase agreement. You pay $0 upfront for a new installation. Then every month you pay for the cleaner, cheaper solar electricity you receive. Those monthly payments are less than what you pay your utility. This program also provides a comprehensive repairs, maintenance, and equipment protection plan at no extra charge. So your savings are guaranteed for the next 20-years of your solar service agreement.


One of the most popular ways to go solar is with a specialized solar loan. You borrow money to cover the upfront cost. And then you use your monthly savings to pay down the loan balance. Many flexible options help you select the best fit for your situation. You can select 5, 10, 12, 15, or 20 year terms with no prepayment penalty. But the beauty of this approach is that you don’t pay for anything out-of-pocket.

Solar Power Benefits

The ability to save money is the primary reason why homeowners throughout California go solar. But here are some additional reasons to install solar on your home:

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Since solar power doesn’t pollute, all the energy created comes from the sun, a clean and renewable power source.

Increase Property Value

Solar can dramatically increase the property value of your home.
So you save money whileyou live there and can ask more when it’s time to sell.


Solar panel technology is more affordable than ever – thanks to falling prices and range of generous green incentives including the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

And best part is, getting started doesn't cost a dime!

Get started with our no-surprise process

Imagine tapping into an infinite energy source – one that is both cheaper and cleaner than traditional utility power. With solar, such a world is possible. And at Bright Planet Consulting, we can help you extract the most value from your clean energy investment.

Your Solar Questions Answered

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Yes. As licensed electricians, we work closely with utility providers to help our customers qualify for new (and usually free) electrical panel upgrades.

Plan on adding an air conditioner? What about an electric vehicle (EV)? Not a problem. Our consulting team can future-proof your solar investment by installing up to 20% more capacity than you need.

Not really. Solar installations have almost zero moving parts – so the maintenance requirements are negligible. And you don’t really need to wash your panels. The sun’s rays are strong enough to penetrate dust build-up. And occasional rainfall is more than sufficient for keeping your solar panels clean.

Yes. We can recommend the most appropriate solar panels for your home (after your free property inspection). But these are only suggestions. And we can easily install whatever solar panel technology you want.

Some customers have us remove their installations when they change houses. However, it’s usually easier to market your property as a “solar home.” Future buyers are often willing to pay a premium for the financial and environmental savings that solar power offers.
If you have a power purchase agreement, the remaining portion of your contract can easily be transferred to the next property owner.

It depends on how you choose to finance your system. With solar power purchase agreements, for example, it’s likely to receive a brand-new installation for $0 upfront. If you use a solar loan, there is often a nominal starting fee that ranges from $0 to $1,000. If you pay using cash, prices for a standard residential solar installation in California range between $13,000 and $37,000.